"My wife (Katie) is from Grimsby. I’ve known her for 20-plus years. We grew up together." -Kevin Bieksa

Monday Oct 20 @ 11:36pm

[talking about playing in the NHL] “I don’t really think, from the start, that I really had, like, the talent for it, but I feel like I kind of have the talent to work hard.”

Sunday Oct 19 @ 03:52pm

happy!Eddie before his first start of the season (◡‿◡)

Saturday Oct 18 @ 07:37pm

Saturday Oct 18 @ 04:41pm

Saturday Oct 18 @ 01:12pm
Saturday Oct 18 @ 01:10pm
Saturday Oct 18 @ 01:09pm

Saturday Oct 18 @ 01:12am

Radim Vrbata 1-0 goal vs Oilers (October 17th, 2014)

Saturday Oct 18 @ 01:11am
Saturday Oct 18 @ 01:11am

NHL Players come together to fight cancer [x].

Friday Oct 17 @ 08:13pm

Thursday Oct 16 @ 09:57pm

make me choose 

jodrouin asked: Bo Horvat or Connor Brown

Thursday Oct 16 @ 03:19pm
Wednesday Oct 15 @ 10:10pm
Sunday Oct 12 @ 08:01pm

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