j_schroeder90: #ALSIceBucketChallenge @zschroeder07 @zdalpe @ICEHockeyAgent @ICEHockeyAgency

Tuesday Aug 19 @ 11:50pm


Daniel & Henrik’s tiebreaker ends in a tie (+)




Tuesday Aug 19 @ 11:46am

Trevor Linden completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

Monday Aug 18 @ 09:38pm

Oh my gosh Canucks

Monday Aug 18 @ 07:34pm
Monday Aug 18 @ 06:07pm
Monday Aug 18 @ 01:32pm

Vancouver Canucks Season in :60(ish)

Saturday Aug 16 @ 11:47am

Henrik & Daniel proving that they have some creepy twin telepathy shit going on (x)

Saturday Aug 16 @ 01:03am

@HLundqvist30: It’s hard to say no to a challenge..(x)

Friday Aug 15 @ 01:27pm

2013-2014 NHL Season

Friday Aug 15 @ 01:25pm

Jacob Markström takes on the ALS ice bucket challenge [x]

Wednesday Aug 13 @ 06:07pm


jake virtanen completes the als ice bucket challenge 

Wednesday Aug 13 @ 04:36pm

Daniel feeling a little too confident early in the competition (x)

Wednesday Aug 13 @ 02:09am


Dan Hamhuis’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Tuesday Aug 12 @ 11:18pm

keith ballard accepts the als ice bucket challenge

Monday Aug 11 @ 12:28pm

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